Mil-tek X-Press 200 General Waste Compactor

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Mil-tek X-Press 200 General Waste Compactor


This general waste compactor is suitable for many environments including kitchens, hospitals, and offices. The XP200 is powered by an air compressor or existing air-line, which means it reduces the risk of electrical fires. It has a compaction ratio of up to 10:1 and is suitable for compacting types of general waste.

We currently have used XP200 compactors in stock. Available for sale or rent/hire, any used machines that go out to our customers are refurbished to the highest standards & include a full one-year warranty. To learn more, please visit About Green & Rentals.

Benefits of using a general waste compactor
  • Reduces waste disposal costs
  • Improves waste management efficiency
  • Reduces environmental pollution
  • Easy to operate
  • Increases space in the workplace for waste disposal
Plastic Compactor Bags for the XP200

We now sell our own brand of compactor bags for the XP200. To find out more, please visit Consumables.