Preventive Planned Maintenance

Preventative maintenance carried out by one of our dedicated service team is essential in allowing you to minimize the risk of equipment failure and expensive production downtime. Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Maintenance report Technical Support (office hours) Recommendations for optimising performance, longevity and safety, whilst on site Advice on programming, fault-finding other related work, whilst on-site. *Excludes Travel expenses and parts. A copy of the engineers worksheet will be sent as receipt to your office. Planned Preventative Maintenance is charged based on required visits per annum, type of systems and number of required engineers on site to carry out servicing.

Response Package
Designed to support unplanned down-time. Our priority is to resolve the problem and return you to production as soon as possible, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Green Equipment is guaranteed to be on hand to answer technical questions and provide priority telephone and reactive response service at short notice. Emergency call outs are based on two different rates and include an annual fee