Orwak 8010 Baler

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Orwak 8010 Baler


We currently have a second-hand Orwak 8010 baler available for sale or rent. This classic machine was first released during the 1980s after Orwak had expanded its operations to the USA. It has a cycle time of 10 seconds, which makes it one of the fastest down-stroke balers in the world. This second-hand Orwak 8010 baler will be refurbished to the highest standards and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Click here for the 8010/8015 Orwak brochure from Waste Handling Solutions.

Do you need baler strapping for your Orwak Baler?

Please visit Consumables where you can view our range of accessories for balers and compactors such as baler strapping/banding, heavy-duty compactor bags, and bale wire. To access the online shop, please click on one of the links provided on the page.