HSM 500 VL Mill-Size Baler

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HSM 500 VL Mill-Size Baler


Constructed in 1999, this classic mill-size baler takes care of your waste by producing the ideal bale that will save you transport time & money. This is an ideal solution for businesses that produce large amounts of waste material. It is strong enough to compress many recyclable materials from cardboard to plastic.

Our 500 VL stock includes the 500.1 & 500.2 VL.

So Why Purchase A Used Mill Size Baler from Green Equipment?

When you purchase a used machine from Green Equipment, they are refurbished to the highest standards & include a full one-year warranty. You can also avail of our free waste audit to evaluate the amount & types of waste you produce first. Then, we can create the best waste management solution that will fit around your business resources.