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Waste and Cardboard Compactors

Green Equipment are Ireland’s leading supplier of cardboard and plastic waste compactors for recycling. We also manufacture our very own cardboard compactors and bin press machines which are perfect for businesses looking for an effective way to compress waste and make it easier to dispose of.

From businesses with a small amount of cardboard and plastic waste to larger businesses looking for an affordable baling solution, we have a range of suitable recycling compactors to choose from.

We have an extensive range of cardboard balers and compactors for sale to suit every business requirement.

Browse a selection of our industry-leading cardboard compactors and balers below to find the perfect one for your business. If you require any further assistance or to see how your business can benefit from our cardboard baling equipment and waste compactors.

Baling waste cardboard with Green Equipment is:

  • easy
  • simple
  • an effective way of getting rid of your cardboard recycling.

Green Equipment balers and compactors save your company time and money. When it comes to compaction, we’ve got you covered.

Our own range of Green Equipment waste compactors has been purpose-built for the needs of businesses that are looking to make their plastic and cardboard waste more manageable.

Thanks to their compact design our plastic and cardboard balers can be installed in a vast range of premises where larger compactors just won’t fit.


Our Green Balers


The GE75V (formerly known as the GE50V) is a small waste baler suitable for businesses that generate small volumes of waste. Its compact size means that it won’t take up too much space on the work floor, so it is ideal for small businesses with limited space. If you have cardboard or plastic material that needs compacting before disposal, then the GE75V is the perfect machine for you.

Image of the GE75V form Green Equipment
Image of the GE300 form Green Equipment


This 300kg cardboard baler is an original product from our own product line Green Balers.

The GE300V Baler is the perfect solution for users with high volumes of recyclable materials such as factories & wholesalers. This baler can handle large quantities of cardboard & plastic and can produce up to 350kg bales quickly & efficiently.


This 500kg baler is an original product from our own product line Green Balers.

The GE500V baler is suitable for businesses with substantial amounts of waste in large retail & factories. This baler produces bales of cardboard or plastic with an ideal bale size to maximize transport loads.

Image of the GE500 form Green Equipment
Image of the GE1100 Bin Press form Green Equipment

GE1100 Bin Press

From our own product line Green Balers, the GE1100 Bin Press can compact the size of your rubbish inside your bin and can reduce your waste collection needs by up to 75%. It has two-handed controls for added safety and a unique counter-lever system that protects the bottom of the bin. Adjustable to all bin sizes..

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